Are looking for an original birthday present or gift ideas, an office prank? well you have found it, Time to send in the Gorilla a big friendly hairy bongo beating banana munching singing at the top of his voice Gorilla to your next event, he will be grunting and singing out a personalised original and hilarious scripted poem written and scripted for the victim telling of his or her life’s stories in a very funny and occasionally ever so slightly embarrassingĀ  way, so everyone at the event can join in laugh together for some clean and wholesome fun

Gorillagrams are a wonderful present to send anyone on any occasion to liven up any special event day or night use your imagination to whom you can send one too?

So book in advance to avoid disappointment on that very special birthday or event you have planned and we monkey’s will get to work and write a very funny poem and be there to liven up the party