Stuck for An Original Birthday Present Idea Or Can’t Be At The Party? Then It’s Time To “SEND IN THE GORILLA”

Gorillagrams Singing Telegrams are the perfect gift for any man or women or child its fun exciting and lots of laughs

Gorillagrams  are a  fantastic birthday present for anyone and breaks the ice at any event and gets everyone talking and laughing

Starting with children from 5 up going all the way up to 105 years of age

Gorilla-grams are a great surprise at a Hens or Bucks nights the gorilla will be getting down but won’t be getting off his kit or his bongos

Our funny hairy gorilla breaks out in poetic song at lots of office birthdays and promotions he will surprise any co-worker or boyfriend/girlfriend or boss, we also do company promotions and would happy to be at your next up and coming event. We cheer up the sick and go to hospitals or anywhere they are laid up and will help the person left their spirits and everyone around them

Great  Milestone birthday’s 20th 30th 40th 50th 60th 70th 80th 90th 100th birthday Just “Send in the Gorilla” we will excite him or her with a personalized message/poem of their life and history with plenty to say, and will make hilarious rhyming poem to read out to everyone

Gorillagrams go all over the lower North Island to any party event, Birthday parties, Office events and parties, Anniversaries, Wedding telegrams, Birthday Wishes in the greater Wellington area

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