Things you need to know when booking a gorilla gram

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Making sure the gorilla is not double booked and can get to the event at the right time and place


If you would like to cancel the Gorilla Gram and it is two days prior to the event or before there is only a $ 30 charge for the booking and script writing fee all other deposits will be refunded to nominated bank accounts

there will be no refund if the Booker cancels on the day or one day prior to the event as the event scheduling is paramount and actor will be on his runs for the day and has scheduled appointments and will have down time on the road while waiting for his next appointment also script writing and collection of information will have started

Book now call Janelle on Mobile 027 322 1050

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Gorilla Awareness . Dian Fossey International

A Definition of a Gorilla-gram from Definition of a gorillagram

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