We script write all of our funny messages and put it all into a hilarious poem to read out at the event 

We will send out via email some prompt ideas for the information we need to write the monkey message

Gorilla-grams Message to Victim goes a bit like this

This is a singing gorilla-gram sent especially to a certain human

And when I name the person to whom it is sent we trust it will cause some embarrassment

Is Sophie here ? ? ? ? Are you Sophie?

Eeeeeehhhh Yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba doo this Gorilla-gram is especially for you

Sophie, Sophie I have been sent to say have a very happy 45th Birthday 

And Gorilla-grams seems lots of fun so some of your family and friends decided to send you one

Your family from a far away country miss you very much 

And wanted to say they are so sorry for being a little out of touch

And because of this, they decided to send me

a big hairy gorilla to sing a happy birthday to thee

An amazing hair dresser I have been told you are, is this so?

Do you think you could give this big hairy Gorilla a bit of a cut and blow

I hear you have been a very naughty girl in the past and a bit of a stirrer is this true?

So I have been told to mention from the senders that they have finally “GOT YOU”

I am told your temperament is calm it’s impossible to faze and get a reaction

And for you to do anything you also need around 50,000 volts to jolt you into action

You love Tai Chi or Washu they’re a quiet sport and you say it doesn’t make you grunt

And your music choice is Skinny Puppies, Nine Inch Nails, And the Ministry to be perfectly blunt

So now it is the time to sing your birthday song

So everyone join in with me and sing a happy birthday with mighty King Kong

Happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear Sophie happy Birthday to you …………….

Well I hope I haven’t made too much of a bungle

But it’s time for this crazy ole gorilla to get back to the jungle

But before I go I would just like to say to “Sophie”

Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray Hip Hip Hooray 

This Much loved Monkey message has been sent to you by

By all your good friends and Family !!!!!! Kala, Mike, Jade, Jake, Tom, Charles, Christie, Rachael, and Taylor