What we monkeys do

We burst on the scene making a huge jungle gorilla grunting noise it goes a bit like this as a message

Yelling and grunting in our big gorilla and thinking we are Tarzan beating our bongos and singing our song

“This is a singing gorilla gram sent especially to a certain human

and when I name the person to whom it is sent we trust it will cause much merriment or embarrassment

So Just when you thought it was safe to have an office party or promotion an anniversary, or a birthday of all ages 5 yrs to 105 yrs a wedding, a farewells, Mothers day or Father’s day a Hens or Bucks nights and any other occasion you name it and we will be there in our big hairy fun filled gorilla suit

Gorilla-grams are great fun to send to liven up the party and get the party started have everybody laughing and talking its always a fantastic ice breaker

After making a huge entrance the gorilla then starts looking for the victim by name with the help of the audience once found the fun begins and goes something like this,

Is Doris here? are you Doris “yes”  “Eh yabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba dabba do this gorillagram is especially for you Boom Boom

Doris Doris to you a big hello you were born on this day 39 years ago

and gorilla grams seem lots of fun so someone decided to send you one”

The rest is a personalized fun filled poem of the victim story about their life, the good times a little of the bad times if any “optional’ funny times

but most of all a very memorable gift of fun and laughter that you and all your friends will be talking about for many years after the occasion

Gorillagrams  are a fantastic surprise for any occasion – birthdays, engagements, leaving parties, promotions at work, congratulations or graduations, Bar Mitzvahs, I love you, forgive me, thank you, marriage proposals, office parties, product promotions anything and just about anything you can think of

Rest assured that we aim to provide the best in good clean fun. All our gorillas are fun filled hairy ball of laughs well trained and bring with them their bongos and a bag of bananas that they throw out and offer to the crowd

We pride ourselves on being the best in the business. Our performers are talented actors, singers, and comedians who love what they do. We aim to make your event a truly unforgettable experience so book now in advance and we may then go to work behind the scenes and write your fun filled poem from the information you have provided so your event is truly remembered

Book now and call Janelle on the Mobile 027 322 1050

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Many entertainment companies worldwide have offered gorillagrams and continue to do so. In Australia, the costumes include a heavy crash helmet, introduced after the recipient of one gorillagram, believing the gorilla to be real, rendered the actor unconscious by use of a typewriter (which was destroyed and the actor hospitalized). A gorillagram company run by Clive Gibbons has been an important plot element in episodes of Neighbours.

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